Many models of gray shoes are offered at Globe. Whether you are looking for a pair of low shoes, high shoes, vegan, for children, for women, beach sandals or mountain boots, you will find the grey model that suits you. Tested and approved by its team of riders, Globe shoes are suitable for all environments. Indeed, they can be worn in the city as well as on the ocean or in the mountains. Find in this collection various models adapted to the practice of skateboarding.  In order to be as precise and technical as possible in the realization of its shoes, Globe regularly calls upon the skateboarding and surfing professionals of its team, notably Mark Appleyard, David Gonzales and Sammy Montano, for the choice of materials and colors, such as the pro model Empire by Vincent Milou. Always with the aim of bringing novelty, co-brandings with brands specialized in their fields regularly enrich the collection. As for the accessories and clothing, the shoes are available in multiple sizes and materials. 

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