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Blending the work of Charles and Ray Eames, this collaboration between Globe and the Eames Office unites furniture design and skateboarding. Every component pays homage to their iconic Lounge Chair and its unparalleled design legacy. Meticulously crafted from furniture-grade materials and with exceptional details, these limited-edition boards honor the Eames’ pioneering spirit and encapsulate the harmonious synergy of one of the most iconic furniture designs of the 20th Century.
  • This Collaboration Unites Furniture Design & Skateboarding.

    Every inch of this skateboard collaboration pays homage to the iconic Lounge Chair and Ottoman and its unparalleled design legacy

  • Extending the Legacy of Charles & Ray Eames

    From the founding of the Eames Office in Venice California, Charles and Ray Eames pioneered the very technology that enables us to bring skateboards to life - moulded plywood. In the 1940's the designer couple developed innovative plywood moulding techniques that led them to create some of the most iconic furniture designs of the 20th Century; namely their 1956 Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

  • Dot Pattern Multi-Purpose Tote

    All Lounge series boards come in a heavyweight canvas board bag that folds down into a carry-all tote. For average days this tote bag is a stylish way to move your belongings, though it’s also a useful board bag when travelling or bringing your board into places they're not usually smiled upon.

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'La Chaise' Box Set

Limited edition boxed set of Eames Office + Globe skateboards featuring a striking abstract image of the development of La Chaise, originally created for MoMA's 1948 Low Cost Furniture Competition, that we as skateboarders see as something that would be pretty appealing to skate. The set of 5 decks includes easy to mount hardware so the series hangs as one image over 5 boards.
  • Inspired Design

    Honouring the 75-year anniversary of La Chaise, originally created for MoMA’s 1948 Low Cost Furniture Competition. This wall art series will speak to some as abstract photographic art, others as an important milestone in manufacturing, and to those who skate as an intriguing spot.. and to a select few, all three.

  • Wall Mounting

    The series comes in collector packaging and includes steel wall-hanging brackets. One image cast across 5 boards, this unique wall art is exceptionally easy to mount, even if you’ve never hung skateboards before. All mounting hardware is included.

  • The Details

    Each set features an embedded metallic Eames Office + Globe badge that marks the product’s authenticity. The top of the decks faithfully recreate the original relief map of the fiberglass shell, and include additional context about the chair and a look behind the process of the husband and wife design duo.

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